What devices does Glassomium support?

As long as your device can run a copy of Windows or Linux and CCV or an equivalent program for TUIO input, Glassomium has you covered!

Why should I bother to use Glassomium instead of simply using a web browser?

If your device is accessible only from one orientation (a vertical screen?) and you need to run only one application, you might be better off using one of the many plugins that will enable your web browser to receive TUIO input. But if your device is used from different orientations (a multi touch table) or you need to handle multiple applications at the same time, Glassomium will make your life easier. Each window in Glassomium is like a tab in your web browser, but it can be moved, rotated, scaled and maximized without having to write the code for it! This allows you to focus on the application while Glassomium takes care of the rest.

I don't like the default layout... can I change it?

You can modify the default layout in seconds by changing your current theme's configuration, or you can create your own theme in a matter of minutes! Check out the Wiki for more information.

The windows seem to render very slowly compared to a normal web browser, how can I fix that?

While using more powerful hardware will certainly improve Glassomium's performances, something you can try is to decrease the resolution you run Glassomium at. Glassomium needs to continously copy image data from the CPU to the GPU (we are working to improve this!) and the complexity of the algorithm that does it is O(NxM), where NxM is the resolution of each Glassomium window.

Do you support WebGL?

At the current moment WebGL is not supported.

How can I contribute to the project?

Check out this page for more information.